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“Whatever good you spend is for yourselves, provided that you give it desiring the Face of Allah. And whatever good you spend shall be repaid to you in full, you shall not be harmed. Know well that Allah is All-Munificent, Most Praiseworthy.” Quran S2 V272-273


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Our actions

Our programmes include sponsoring underprivileged children in Islamic schools, building socio-educational infrastructures, organising awards ceremonies for the best students.

about us

Association Law 1901 based in France, We work for better educational conditions and access to quality training for all learner students in our Islamic schools, especially the most disadvantaged. Our efforts also focus on empowering the most vulnerable


Whether you contribute financially through your donations and/or commit yourself to us in the long term, you make a real difference and change by the grace of Allah swt the daily lives of our beneficiaries.

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Connect with us and change significantly the lives of those who need it.

Supporting us

Imagine how many Hassanates you will have by feeding or sponsoring a child from a Koranic school. We offer you a great opportunity to make Sadaquat jariya

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Aimed at the most vulnerable social strata, our main objective is to have a real positive impact on our beneficiaries.

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or join us, you bring a real added value in the daily lives of our Brothers and Sisters.

Our motto

Give the world your light

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How you can help us


Offer them sustainable and qualitative assistance by making a one-time or monthly donation


Go further in your commitment to our side and illuminate the daily life of one of our beneficiaries


Join us and be at the heart of our social actions for an even more significant impact

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A campaign that marks the launch of our activities in the field

In this difficult time related to the health crisis, we succeeded by the grace of Allah swt provided a substantial support consisting of donations of food and non-food to the Koranic school Dar El Qoran El Karim in Anyama (Ivory Coast)

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