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Firdaws Project

3 projects in 1 to help residents of the Koranic Institute Dar Al Qur’an Al Karim in Anyama (Ivory Coast) with the construction of a modern kitchen, a refectory and housing for the teaching staff

The launch of this structuring project within this Koranic school, founded by Sheikh Ishaq Bah 39 years ago as part of the activities of the World Islamic League, is planned for Saturday, January 23, 2021

By Armelle

In the name of ALLAH, the Clement, the Merciful

Prayer and blessing on the Messenger of Mercy, his family, his companions and those who will follow them. May Peace, The Mercy of Allah Swt and His blessing be upon you.

All praise is to Allâh swt, Lord of heaven, of the earth and of all that lies between them.

You have been present, you have supported us, Alhamdoulillah the adventure continues.

4 months after the start of the a sponsorship project that has enabled us to sponsor some thirty future Hafiz Qur’an in precarious situations, thus facilitating their learning of the Koran (taking care of their schooling and basic monthly needs), we are preparing the launch of the project Mr. Firdaws.

Why the Firdaws project?

Hosting more than 500 learners from Côte d’Ivoire and elsewhere, the Dar El Quourane Karim Koran memorization boarding school faces the problem of adequate cooking and dining for students to prepare and eat meals.

Added to this are the difficulties in housing faced by the teachers of the institute.
As the salary is not substantial and most teachers come from neighbouring countries, housing remains a fighter’s journey.

The Firdaws project aims to provide the anyama Koran memorization institute in Côte d’Ivoire with a modern kitchen, adequate refectory and a few teaching accommodations to ease the pain of young children who are residents of the learning institute and their teachers.

Current kitchen status

What we want to offer them in Shaa Allah:

This project is a Sadaqatou jariya, a continuous alms even if we are no longer on this earth!

Are you celebrating a wedding? A birth? Have you lost a loved one? Take part in this project for the cause of Allah swt.

In kind or in cash, your gifts are welcome.

May Allah swt fully reward you. Amine Amine

As a reminder: the founder of the Dar El Quourane Karim Institute, The Chaykh Ishaq Ba Rahimahullah was recalled to Allâh swt in December 2017.

It is therefore a duty for us to support this legacy of Islamic heritage, which has been the cause of the formation of several hundred Hafiz Qur’an!!


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