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In the name of ALLAH, the Clement, the Merciful

Prayer and blessing on the Messenger of Mercy, his family, his companions and those who will follow them. May Peace, The Mercy of Allah Swt and His blessing be upon you.

Praise to ALLAH, only 04 months after its launch on August 5, the sponsorship project took shape in the field and allowed to cover the tuition fees of several students with the aim of avoiding a interruption of classes and thus allowing them to study serenely, and for others the opportunity to learn the Noble Koran which was previously not possible for lack of means.

As we will see throughout this article, this project has had a very strong impact on our beneficiaries, all of whom are students who want to learn the word of ALLAH and cannot afford tuition fees themselves or their parents.

Through the grace of ALLAH and through our generous donors whom we greet and thank very warmly, we have all succeeded together in restoring the opportunity to these learners to continue for some and to begin their training for others in better conditions with less financial problems. This represents a first victory, not least, in our desire to bring comfort to the most vulnerable strata.

Because precariousness cannot be an obstacle to the education and training of these students, we constantly mobilize to recruit new sponsors and thus offer the chance to other students in similar conditions to our godchildren to pursue their dream of memorizing the Koran

To date, we have more than 50 godparents (some of whom have teamed up to sponsor a student) for just over 30 godchildren blind! Allahou Akbar!!! You can’t imagine the impact on them and the satisfaction they feel of feeling supported by their brothers and sisters in their noble project of learning and memorizing the Holy Quran. As for the amount raised, which is expected to evolve as the monthly payments of some of our sponsors who have opted for monthly payments, it is just over 7000 euros or about 4,591,000 FCFA.

WavesNumber of GodchildrenDate
First wave1405 October 2020
Second wave1713 December 2020
Number of wave-sponsored godchildren

“As for those who believe and do the right works, they are the best of all creation”

Quran,S98 – V7

They say a big thank you!


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