Signasiguy Phase 2 Campaign

Project Sinignassiguy Phase 2: Helping the boarders of the Dar El Qoran El Karim Koranic School in Anyama (Côte d’Ivoire)

On Saturday, June 20, 2020, the ceremony was held to hand over food and non-food donations to the Koranic school Dar El Qourane El Karim. This Koranic school was founded by Sheikh Ishaq Bah 39 years ago as part of the activities of the World Islamic League.

By Team As Sobr Djamil

School history

Who is Cheick Bah Ishaq, the founder of this school?

Cheick Bah Ishaq is a missionary of the World Islamic League, based in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He was sent by this league to Côte d’Ivoire, for a mission of Islamic teaching and preaching. He studied at the Higher Institute of Islamic and Koranic Studies in Nouakchott, Mauritania, as a generalist in Islamic sciences. He also studied the different types of reading of the Holy Quran or lectionaries, the Tafsir (Commentary of the Koran), hadith and jurisprudence. After his Baccalaureat and his studies in Koranic science, he obtained the Idjazat diploma (a degree higher than the Baccalaureat and less than the bachelor’s degree) in the ten reading styles of the Holy Koran. In 1979, Cheick Bah graduated from Islamic studies in theology. He has been sent to Côte d’Ivoire by the World Islamic League since 1980.

Where and when did the teaching of the Koran begin?

The teachings in this school have been taking place for almost 39 years.
Sheikh Ishaq said: “It was in a building that was offered to me by my tutor El Hadj Souleymane Bamba, who is an entrepreneur. He is the uncle of the late Dr. Saliha Bamba. I spent more than ten years in this room before I had a plot of land. I first built my residence on one part before transferring the school some time later to the other part of the land. Today, the school has changed. We opened a boarding school for the students.”
Chaykh Ishaq Ba passed away on December 5, 2017 (May Allah forgive him and elevate his station among those who are guided. May He enlarge for him his grave and shed light upon him in it. Amine) leaving this legacy to the current principal of the school. As of today, the school has more than 1,000 students, 500 of whom are in boarding schools.

Organization of the project

On April 19, 2020 was launched the sinignassiguy project Phase 2 with Mrs. Armelle Dindé, the president of the association. Ms. Dindé and her collaborators were amazed by the students’ performances after watching some of their videos, reading the Noble Koran. They then decided to know more about the school these students were attending.
Since then, the Sinignansigui project has taken shape in order to make our humble contribution as small as it is to the proper functioning of the centre and also to encourage learners in their curriculum.

All the praise goes to Allah who facilitated the implementation of this noble project which is only in its first phase.
It is true that the current health crisis is a hindrance to the smooth running of certain activities, but that does not stop the food and material donation to our brothers and sisters.

With regard to our campaign itself, the team relied mainly on social networks and other digital means for communication around the project with the aim of mobilizing as much as possible around this noble project.
The Ivorian Muslim community and the diaspora community have shown generosity by making in-kind and cash donations. Alhamdoulillah, the team of several committed volunteers, collected donations and did what was necessary to ensure that the handover ceremony was held in the best conditions.
We believed in this project and Allah facilitated us Al hamdoulillah

The handing over of donations

By the grace of Allah swt, the team was able to collect the sum of 1million 165mille frcans cfa. This amount was used to purchase food and non-food items for the students.

Details of donations:

  • 900 Korans
  • 108 plastic kettles for wudu
  • 20 buckets
  • 60 400ml hydro-alcoholic gels
  • 2 tons of rice or 40 bags of 50 kilos.
  • 5 bottles of oil of 25-litre or 125 litres of cooking oil.
  • 12 boxes of milk
  • 6 25-kilogram sugar bags or 150 kilos

The in-kind donations we received were also delivered
Koranic school. Added to this is the participation of the Star Light Association of France through donations from:

  • 75 Korans
  • 3 bags of 50-kilogram rice
  • 10 boxes of concentrated tomato paste or 120 kilos
  • 1 carton of sugar condensed milk
  • 10 bags of potatoes or 250kilos of potato.
  • 10 cartons of food pasta

The entire amount raised for donations has been all spent in the purchases.

The transportation fees to deliver the donation were covered by the association.

The association As Sobr Djamil with its president warmly thanks all those who participated in the realization of this project: Donors and volunteers. Not to mention the organizing committee, made up of brave sisters who had the heavy task of carrying out this mission. We thank our brothers in Bouaké who honoured this project by collecting nearly 900 Korans.

Our thanks also go to the star light association for their participation.
May you all be honored in this life and the hereafter
May Allah swt us agree and facilitate future projects. Amine

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